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The Escalon Sportsman's Club

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2014-15 Escalon Lions Student Speakers Contest


Speaker Contest Contacts:

Mike Caskey

209-765-6716 (C) or 209-838-6380 (H)


Robert Swift



Cindy Davis

Escalon High Scholarship Coordinator


Please contact one of the three people listed above to enter the contest.


Last Day To Sign Up: Friday, January 30, 2015 (unless we reach 10 student sign-ups before January 30.)


Special Note: We will take the first ten students.  Once ten students have signed up, the contest will be closed.


Speaker Contest Meeting: Student Speakers will meet with Mike Caskey in Ms. Davis’ office, Monday, February 2, 2015 at 1:30 PM to go over contest logistics and rules.  This meeting should take about 20 minutes.


Speaker Contest Time, Date, and Location


Date: The Lions Club Student Speaker’s contest will be held February 5,, 2015


Location: Ekholm Room at the Escalon Library. 


Doors Open At 5:30 P.M.


Doors close at 6:10 P.M.


Speakers will begin their presentations at 6:15 P.M. (approx.)


Please note that after 6:10 P.M., nobody will be admitted until after the speakers have completed their presentations.


Dinner will follow the contest at D’Boni’s.

WeIcome to the Student Speakers Contest 2014-2015


This year the Lions of California Multiple District Four are proud to sponsor the 78th Student Speakers Contest.


Our challenging topic for this year's contest is


"Water Conservation-How Can We Reduce, Recycle, and Reclaim?"


The District Governor's of California have again chosen a challenging topic that will provide the Contestants with an opportunity for varied viewpoints as they address the issue of water, Speaking for the Lions, Lioness and LEO's of California, we look forward to this year's contest and each speaker that participates. We would like to thank each contestant in advance for the hours of research and practice they will dedicate to the preparation and presentation of their speech. We have found the Student Speakers Contest to be an opportunity to be amazed and inspired by the youth in our communities.


Our Student Speaker Foundation has supported the Student Speaker Contest for the lost 53 years. This year the Foundation will provide scholarships totaling $103,500.00 to the contest winners. The Foundation is a tax exempt Nonprofit Charitable Corporation, and appreciates any and all donations to ensure the continued viability of this program for our youth. For more information on making a donation call 909‑598‑0554 or visit the Foundations web site on the MD4 site at. http://Ssf


One of the purposes of Lions Clubs International is "To take an active interest in the civic, cultural, social and moral welfare of the community". Through our Student Speakers Contest it is possible for California students to be able to speak out in their communities on a current topic in a venue that provides support, interest and a potential for scholarship assistance.

 Let the competition begin….

De. Dennis J. Grotrain, Council Chair

2014-2015 Council of Governors

Multiple District 4 Lions Club International




Lions Clubs agree to extend to the participating schools and students their fullest cooperation. Individual Clubs also agree to provide for the requirements and welfare of any student whom they may be sponsoring when that student appears in a Zone, Region, District, Area or final contest. They are further to lend every assistance in connection with the Student Speakers Contest. Payment of expenses of parents, coaches or other guests are at the sponsoring Club's discretion.



 ●         To provide an opportunity for competitive public speaking among students on a subject of vital interest to the contestants and to the American people as a whole.

          To stimulate self‑expression and independent thinking.

          To present to the public through the student speakers contests the problems surrounding the maintenance of this commonwealth as a free nation.

          To consider the means at our disposal of meeting the present and future world problems.



Students entering the contest shall prepare a talk to be as close as possible to, but not over, ten minutes, nor less than five minutes delivery time.



This year's topic has been carefully selected. Entrants should be certain to speak on the topic since points are awarded for adhering to the subject title.




1 .        The contest is open to students who reside in MD‑4, including foreign exchange students, grades 9‑12, of any high school or junior high school, charter school, private school, home school or independent study.

2.         The presentation shall be given in the English language only. Phrases in a non‑English language must be immediately followed by a direct English translation.

3.         Winners of the previous IVID‑4 Final Contests are not eligible. Eligible students shall be those of the above grades and under the age of twenty‑one as of February 18, 2015.

4.         Contestants must have not completed grade 12 prior to the termination of the spring semester of the year and must be attending school when the competition is held.

5.         Only one winner shall be certified to the next succeeding contest.


Students should be reminded of their obligation to complete the contest and arrive to contests on time. Scheduling conflicts are the student's responsibility to resolve.




Awards must conform to the policy set by the Council of Governors of MD‑4 This provides for an orderly relationship in the amount of the award at the various contest levels


Paid By Lions Checks:


Club Contests:         The club shall present $100.00 to the winner and $25.00 to each finalist (who completes minimum time)

Zone Contests:         The District shall present $100.00 to the winner only.

Region Contests:     The District shall present $150.00 to the winner only


Paid by the Lions 4th District Student Speakers Foundation Inc.


District Contests:      The fifteen winners shall each receive a $4,500.00 Scholarship

Area Contests:          The four winners shall each receive a $6,500.00 Scholarship

Final Contest:           The winner of the MD-4 contest shall receive a $10,000.00 Scholarship




Call to Order ‑ start on time.

Pledge of Allegiance ‑ song and invocation or other desired opening ceremonies, by Chairperson.

Draw of Speaker Order

Introductory Remarks ‑ Brief outline of the objects and history of the contest. Announce the subject title of the current contest. State the purpose of the contest:

          To provide an opportunity for competitive public speaking among students on a subject of vital interest to the contestants and to the American people as a whole.

          To stimulate self‑expression and independent thinking.

          To present to the public through the Student Speakers Contest the problems surrounding the maintenance of this country as a free nation.

          To consider the means at our disposal of meeting the present and future world problems.




1 .        A late contestant shall not compete if arrival time is after the draw of the speaker order for that contest.

2.         No one may enter or leave the room while a contestant is speaking. (Call upon Guards to man the doors.) Entry or departure to the room can be made during the intermissions.

3.         No smoking, food or beverages are allowed during the contest, except during intermissions, with the exception, the speakers may drink water during their speech.

4.         Do not applaud the speakers until after the Judges' worksheets have been collected.

5.         Each speaker is allowed ten minutes, but no warning signals shall be given.

6.         There will be a quiet three‑minute intermission between and after speakers, and as much time as needed after the final speaker, to allow Judges to complete scoring. There shall be no conferring with Judges during the contest.

7.         No photography, video or audio taping will be allowed during the contest.

8.         All noise‑emitting electronic devices such as phones, beepers, etc. must be turned off until the contest is completed.

9.         Any protest relative to the contest must be made to the Chairperson before the winner is announced.

10.       The contest Chairperson shall review and verify the Tellers' worksheets before announcing the results.


Call speakers only by number in order. If only one speaker is present, he/she must still speak and be judged.

Introduce speakers and judges only after the Tellers have collected all worksheets and have retired from the room.

Announce the winner first and present the award.

Announce the date, time and place of the next contest.

Publicize the Lions 4th District Student Speakers Foundation, Inc.




1.         Use or display of props of any nature.

2.         Uniforms or any method of personal identification, including saying name and school.

3.         Failure to give reference source of quoted material in manuscript submitted at Area level.

4.         Use of notes above Club level in excess of one 3x5 card both sides, or the Braille equivalent. Note: Use of any and all notes at the Club level is acceptable.

5.         Use of prompters.

6.         Publication of speech, except for very brief quotations, in any media prior to completion of the Final Contest.

7.         Acceptance of awards other than those approved by the Council of Governors of MD‑4.

8.         Participation in more than one Lions Club contest during the contest year.

9.         Watches or electronic devices shall not be worn or used by the contestants during the contest.


Violation of these rules must result in

disqualification of the speaker by the

Chairperson, whose decision shall be final.

Any protest relative to the contest must

be made to the Chairperson before

the winner is announced


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